Standard Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Standard Electric Wire Rope Hoists


JD Crane is providing a broad array of high duty standard electric wire rope hoists. We are one of the leading manufacturers of electric wire rope hoists across India. These electric wire rope hoists are made in accordance with international standards. Designed in accordance with international standards, its components are easily accessible for service and maintenance. These rope hoists are able to lift and carry medium as well as heavy objects and move them to another location. They can be used aptly in areas which require moving of heavy loads frequently.

About Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Standard electric wire rope hoists are durable and highly efficient machines that can easily carry heavy loads. The electric wire rope hoists are very easy to use and operate. The electric wire rope hoists developed by JD Crane are corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The electric hoists manufactured by JD Crane are well-tested for material handling and are best suited for both medium and heavy duty operations. Further, the electric rope hoists offered by the company are easy to maintain as these are constructed in open type design. Evert component of the rope hoist can be accessed with ease and provide hassle-free maintenance whenever required. The standard electric wire rope hoists provide reliable performance and are rugged inbuilt.

Salient features

  • Each part of electric wire rope hoist is easily accessible.
  • Corrosion resistant, reliable and durable even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Gears assure very straight operation by their movement and also by handling the heat.
  • All high-speed rotational parts are provided with anti-frictional bearings.
  • Minimum number of parts required maintenance.

Standard Electric Wire Rope Hoist Specifications

Capacity: 500 kg to 20,000 kg

Lift: upto 30 m

Design: according to IS 3938 and FEM 1.001 standard

Hoisting Speed: according to your demand

Creep Speed: through VVVF drive

Testing: in house testing at 125% of SWL