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Over the years of our work experience in the industry, we were able to accumulate a whole bunch of projects completed in such a perfect fashion, that happy customers whom we’ve serviced were so kind as to leave a positive feedback here!

Powered by years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we work day and night to fix all material lifting issues!

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Customers Leave Positive Feedback

They understood the emergency of cranes for our machine erection work and completed the erection of three cranes in a very professional manner.This type of cooperation and timely help in overcoming our problems really raises our confidence in you.

Yogesh Kumar

J.D. Cranes is well organised service based crane operation and the service this day in age is unheard of. The customer service they provide is phenomenal with a friendly and efficient team. Looking forward for a long term work commitment in the years to come.

R.K. Makhija