Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

When the spare room of your plant or factory is not sufficient to install a gantry or an overhead crane, a jib crane is the ideal solution. The cranes are suitable for applications such as facility floors, walls, foundations, columns, pillars etc.

The main idea to solve this question is to let the beam rotate instead of traveling along a track to cover the area in which the material need to move. If required, the beam of this kind crane can horizontal rotate for 360 degree. At most cases, the more area covered by the rotation of our crane, the better.

At J.D. Cranes, you can find a wide range of JIB crane models, including top and bottom-supported units, floor-mounted pillar types, wall or column-mounted versions and models that afford manual or motorized rotation.


Capacity: upto 5 ton

Jib Length: upto 8 m

Pillar Height: upto 10 m

Swing: upto 360 degres with manual or motorized swing