European Standard Electric Chain Hoists

European Standard Electric Chain Hoists

HOUSING – Aluminium die cast body, compact, light and rugged, control panel made with shock resistant plastic

MOTOR – Three-phase asynchronous pole change motor with cylindrical rotor with insulation class F.

BRAKE – On MH chain hoist series is used an electro-mechanical disk brakes FD type. This device grants a safe braking and stop drives quickly and a reliable action in any operating mode and moreover a strong noise reduction. MH hoist brakes are also as standard provided with dust protection ring to improve durability and performances.

GEARBOX – Parallel shaft 3 stages gearbox provided with case hardened alloy steel helical gears to allow a very smooth transmission, vibration-free and low noise operations.

FRICTION CLUTCH – The safety clutch operating in oil bath is offered as a reliable overload safety and extends the service life of the gearbox and the motor. It must only be readjusted after 20,000 slipping occurrences.

LOW VOLTAGE CONTROL PANEL – As standard MH hoists are complete with integrated low voltage control panel 48V designed, built and wired according to EN 60204-32. The control board is protected inside the hoist aluminium body and sealed with a shock resistant plastic cover complete with rubber gasket to grant IP55 protection. Schneider electromagnetic contactor (low consumption coil) version are used as standard.

PUSH BUTTON CONTROL – Ergonomic design with emergency stop provided as standard. Both operator friendly and great durability. Protection IP 65.

LOAD CHAIN – Galvanized alloy steel chain, class DAT (G80), highly resistant to fatigue and wear Conform to EN 818-7.

CHAIN CONTAINER – Durable plastic containers available in 2 different sizes for all models.

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